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Just recently CRI began a campaign to keep Transparent Delaware, our government payroll and vendor contract data website, open to the public by asking people to donate towards our goal of $5,000.


Our campaign pitch:

“We operate the website Transparent Delaware, which provides the public with open data on state payroll spending and state vendor payments. Want to know who the highest paid state employees are, by division or year? We have that. Want to see why an employee who was given a $60,000 base salary received $164,000 is overtime and “other” pay? We have that too.

We would like to obtain state pension data but we have been blocked multiple times in our efforts to find out how much the state spend on employee pensions. While we recognize that state workers are human beings too the fact is, it’s our money and we should know how it’s being spent. With extremely few exceptions government spending data should ALWAYS be open to the public.

What we need from you: It costs us about $5,000 a year to keep Transparent Delaware open to the public. All money collected for this campaign go to paying our web developer and host to keep the site up, or else we’ll have to shut it down :(. The exception is if you reach a donation threshold, we will send a small gift of thanks.

Even if we do not meet the $5,000, the more money we receive towards this goal, the more we can pay our web developer to keep the site open. They are great people but they have bills to pay too!”

As many before us have stated, “freedom isn’t free.” Now generally people who use this line are nearly always speaking about military service and the need for people to make some kind of meaningful sacrifice to keep our freedoms alive. But this axiom should apply as well to keeping information about our government available to the public.

We have to pay our web host and site developer, and while they may be awesome people they have bills to pay too. Understandably many people are used to internet content being free or “freemium” and the more successful web pages can place ads on the site to make money, but we are a non-profit and we cannot, and will not, rent our website space over to advertisers. Thus, we need the generous support of people like you to help us reach our goal and keep Delaware state payroll and vendor data available to the public.

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There is a bill in the General Assembly to regulate robo calls in Delaware. Robo calls are the automated messages we all get – mostly during the political season – with various messages to vote for or against something or someone. They are an efficient and inexpensive way for politicos to get the word out. The bill does not make sure calls illegal, but does place requirements on those making such calls, such as disallowing calls before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. The other new regulations include requiring the caller to identify himself or herself. The person or organization paying for the call must also identify him or herself.

The full disclosure piece is a good thing. Though, the feds already require such calls to include identification of the caller as well as a telephone number so that a return call can be made.

As for limiting the times of the call, if someone is foolish enough to make robo calls before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., then let them make the call, it will only offend the person being called.

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