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Unless you’ve been off the planet or are living in a cave with Crocodile Dundee, you know today is Election Day 2014. Hopefully if you are reading this and you are an American citizen, you either a) voted already or b) are going to vote sometime today.

While we at CRI cannot tell you who to vote for, nor would it be in our interest to do so, we can encourage you to vote. The main reason CRI exists is to get people to make the different at the polling place. All of the white papers, articles, editorials, speaking engagements, radio appearances, newspaper quotes, and e-mail newsletters will make not one iota of difference if you don’t vote.

How will Delaware, or any of the other states, change public policy without your voice being heard? Politicians care more about today than any letter to the editor, blogpost, or tweet you could ever send out. Today is when change in our government becomes official. The only way to end the prevailing wage, repeal the ACA, provide Education Savings Accounts to all parents for their children (and grandchildren), pursue policies which reduce electric rates and make energy prices more affordable, eliminate the gross receipts tax, reduce personal income and corporate income taxes, and reduce the power of state agencies to make your life miserable through excessive regulation, is to vote.

We know it can be frustrating- you feel as though your vote is one of too many and it won’t matter. You feel as though no matter who you vote for things in government won’t really change. Maybe you even think elections are rigged (though we at CRI don’t believe this!) so you won’t bother showing up to the polls or casting an absentee ballot.

But if millions if people like you have that attitude, then only the most partisan voters or those with a lot to gain/lose directly will show up. They will reward politicians who cater specifically to the groups most likely to show up at the polls.

Therefore, if you haven’t yet voted, go out and vote this Election Day, and remember,


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