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Energy independence has emerged as one of the leading issues as we enter the 21st Century. Delaware is positioning to be a leader in that global arena by getting out in front of alternative energy production with off-shore wind farms and many different municipalities funding solar arrays. Indeed, Delaware is one of only ten states currently under a cap and trade regulation model instituted a few years ago under the name of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). That legislation has forged the way for a new Sustainable Energy Utility, responsible for connecting federal subsidies with alternative energy projects in the First State. In addition, Delaware recently welcomed Fisker Automotive to our dwindling family of manufacturers for production of a new model plug-in hybrid vehicle.

So many innovations…so many promises…so many unanswered questions. How realistic are the goals? How much will it cost? Is there an adequate return on our collective investment? How reliable are these alternative energy sources? How much energy supply can we ever realistically expect from wind, solar, etc.? What percentage of our actual yield will they ultimately be responsible for? What should guide our future direction; well-meaning intentions, or facts, figures and costs? Are we ready for the answers?

The Caesar Rodney Institute has determined to answer these questions, in order to help determine just how Green Delaware needs to be. To that end, CRI introduces its newest Policy Center focused on Delaware’s role on all things energy, named the Center for Energy Independence. In the Caesar Rodney Institute tradition, policy proposals, legislation and energy initiatives will be researched and analyzed in a straightforward fashion allowing the facts to lead the decisions and response.

To begin, CEI has reviewed the recent letter sent to President Obama, from both Governors Markell of Delaware and O’Malley of Maryland, asking for the Federal Government to purchase one gigawatt of wind power from this region.  Markell Letter to President Obama 7-21-10

CEI has prepared a response to that letter, authored by CRI’s Director of Public Policy, David Stevenson. Click here for a factual analysis of the governors’ proposal.  Should the Feds be Buying Our Wind Power

Shaun Fink
Executive Vice President
Caesar Rodney Institute

Should the Feds be Buying Our Wind Power

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