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Lower taxes – Higher revenue, it might seem like common sense to many of us, but that wasn’t always the case before Dr. Arthur Laffer showed how it all worked with his Laffer Curve. The curve simply explained how lowering taxes actually results in more tax revenue by initiating incentive and establishing an expanding economy.

Now is your chance to meet this noted economist and nationally acclaimed author, Art Laffer. Dr. Laffer will be our special guest speaker on Thursday, October 7th as the Caesar Rodney Institute presents our 2nd Annual Dinner
to Celebrate Caesar Rodney’s Birthday, in the du Barry Room in the Hotel DuPont.

A limited number of event sponsors will receive special time with this former member of the Ronald Reagan Economic Policy Advisory Board and one of the people who spearheaded the theory of supply-side economics. Call 302-535-6523 today to find out how you can be involved.

Even if you are not a sponsor, this is an excellent time to hear one of the great economic minds explain why our economy has faltered and how we can restart our economic engine. You will also have an opportunity to pick up a signed copy of his latest book: “Return to Prosperity”.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. Call the Caesar Rodney Institute right now to reserve your tickets – 302-535-6523 or email shaunfink@caesarrodney.org

Proceeds from the event will support the work of the Ceasar Rodney Institute, the non-profit think tank founded in 2008 to serve the people of Delaware.

Your presence at the dinner helps sponsor work like Delawarespends.com and sunlightonschools.com, two websites showing where and how your tax dollars are spent. CRI is the only organization to issue a comprehensive, non-partisan economic report on Delaware’s economy.

Bringing to light and explaining wasteful spending, ineffectual management and poorly written bills are all part of a regular day for CRI.

But nothing can be done without you!

The Caesar Rodney birthday party will surely be an invigorating and exciting evening! We hope you can join us.

Call today for more information 302-535-6523 or email shaunfink@caesarrodney.org

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