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There is a bill in the General Assembly to regulate robo calls in Delaware. Robo calls are the automated messages we all get – mostly during the political season – with various messages to vote for or against something or someone. They are an efficient and inexpensive way for politicos to get the word out. The bill does not make sure calls illegal, but does place requirements on those making such calls, such as disallowing calls before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. The other new regulations include requiring the caller to identify himself or herself. The person or organization paying for the call must also identify him or herself.

The full disclosure piece is a good thing. Though, the feds already require such calls to include identification of the caller as well as a telephone number so that a return call can be made.

As for limiting the times of the call, if someone is foolish enough to make robo calls before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., then let them make the call, it will only offend the person being called.

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Senator Karen Peterson has proposed legislation to study consolidating Delaware’s school districts. According to Sen. Peterson, doing so could save the state $40-$50 million annually.

CRI could not yet locate a bill number for the legislation and will update this post when we are able to do so.

The proposal would not eliminate existing positions. instead, personnel would shrink through attrition. If implemented, there would be four districts in the state:  New Castle County above the canal, a combo of Kent County plus New Castle County below the canal, Sussex County and a statewide Vo-tech district.

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Two good government bills have finally been scheduled to be heard in committee. SB 57and HB 1 will be heard in the Executive Committee of the Senate on May 6 at 2 p.m. in the Senate Chamber. Both of these bills expand the state’s Freedom of Information Act law to include the General Assembly.

Call your legislator and urge them to get these bills out of committee and onto the floor of the senate for a up and down vote.

State Senator Thurman Adams Jr. (D-19)
(302) 744-4286

State Senator Patricia M. Blevins (D-7)
(302) 744-4133

State Senator Colin R. J. Bonini (R-16)
(302) 744-4169

State Senator George H. Bunting Jr. (D-20)
(302) 744-4286

State Senator Brian J. Bushweller (D-17)
(302) 744-4162

State Senator Catherine L. Cloutier (R-5)
(302) 744-4197

State Senator Dori Connor (R-12)
(302) 744-4164

State Senator Nancy W. Cook (D-15)
(302) 744-4237

State Senator Anthony J. DeLuca (D-11)
(302) 744-4165

State Senator Bruce C. Ennis (D-14)
(302) 744-4310

State Senator Bethany A. Hall-Long (D-10)
(302) 744-4286

State Senator Margaret Rose Henry (D-2)
(302) 744-4191

State Senator Michael S. Katz (D-4)
(302) 744-4286

State Senator Robert I. Marshall (D-3)
(302) 744-4168

State Senator David B. McBride (D-13)
(302) 744-4167

State Senator Harris B. McDowell III (D-1)
(302) 744-4147

State Senator Karen E. Peterson (D-9)
(302) 744-4163

State Senator F. Gary Simpson (R-18)
(302) 744-4134

State Senator David P. Sokola (D-8)
(302) 744-4139

State Senator Liane M. Sorenson (R-6)
(302) 744-4136

State Senator Robert L. Venables Sr. (D-21)
(302) 744-4298

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