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This week, Rhode Island Governor Carcieri announced the creation of an interactive, online transparency tool for Rhode Island state government spending.

The new site is available here. It will allow taxpayers to see how taxpayer dollars are being spent by the state’s Department of Administration.

The state plans on expanding the data available to personnel, purchasing, accounting, budgeting, IT, leasing and other contract services.

With the Delaware General Assembly’s failure to make similar moves in Delaware during the 144th General Assembly, the Caesar Rodney Institute will fill this need in the First State.

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While most of what will appear on the CRI blog will be Delaware specific, there will be the occassional federally focused post.

There are some troubling aspects of the recent vote, the lead up to the vote, and the stimulus bill itself.

For starters, it has been reported that no member of Congress who actually voted for the bill, has stated that they read the actual bill. This is quite similar to the bond and budget bills here in Delaware. Often introduced in the waning days of session, these bills are passed without being read by the majority of the legislators or by the public.

The legislature has been given numerous opportunities to mandate that the budget and bond bills be introduced sooner. The first time HB 4 came up for a vote during the 144th General Assembly it was defeated by a vote of 22 to 17 with 3 legislators either not voting or absent. Fortunately, the bill passed the House the 2nd time around, following strong grassroots activism.  Yet, it was desk drawer vetoed in the Senate.

In part, it is this type of non-disclosure the CRI seeks to help remedy in Delaware.

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Welcome to the CRI Blog. It is our hope that this blog becomes an open, honest, and substantive forum where the public can discuss transparency and accountability in Delaware and around the nation. Stay tuned for more.

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